Five Tips To Get Your Children To Eat Healthier


With the rate of childhood obesity on the rise, it has nearly doubled in almost 20 years, not-for-profits, chefs and even the First Lady have come together to encourage healthy eating habits and more physical activity. With such a staggering change in the childhood obesity rate, some schools are starting to take action by incorporating healthy lunch options, adding physical education back into the curriculum and providing nutrition education as a science unit


Not-for-profits, such as Veggie U, are helping to bring healthy eating habits back into a child’s daily life. Today, families are constantly on the go and time is limited. Both parents are working to make up for a struggling economy and when the end of the day comes, sometimes the easiest option is to order out, go through a drive through or choose a frozen meal with little to no nutritional value.

To help be part of the movement that helps lower Childhood Obesity, Chefwear has come up with five helpful tips to provide your family with healthy eating options:

1. Cook dinner ahead for the week

While it seems like the last thing you may want to do on your free weekend, try cooking an entire week’s worth of meals on Sunday afternoon. Choose proteins that can be used for two different meals. For example, you can use chicken for one meal then use the leftovers for chicken tacos two nights later and chicken salad sandwiches for lunch the next day. Not only will this ensure that you spend more time sitting down and eating together as a family, but you will also save money.

2. Eliminate sugary drinks

One 12-ounce can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar in it, which is more than three times what the American Heart Association recommends (three teaspoons per day). Encourage your children to drink more water and add a sugar free drink mix for added flavor. Sparkling water is also an excellent option.

3. Provide healthy snack options

Cut back on salty and sweet snacks such as pretzels, potato chips, cookies and candy. Not only are these options high in sodium but they are full of empty calories. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain snacks and healthy beverages. Protein is available in more options than just meat such as yogurt and nut butter, which will help keep your children feeling fuller for longer.

4. Add variety into each meal

In order to avoid a rut in your meal plan, add variety to recipes. The more variety you add into a meal at a young age, the easier it is for children to accept what’s been given to them. While it is important to have a well-balanced diet and to teach your children about the important food groups, don’t take it too far. Your child’s relationship with food needs to be a positive experience, not negative. If your child isn’t ready to try something, do not force them. Attempt that food at a later date or sneak it into a dish like homemade muffins, soups or stews.

5. Encourage participation when cooking


Take your children with you to the grocery store or allow them to help make your list for the week’s worth of food that you need. Give them the opportunities to select what they can eat for lunch and if they suggest something you don’t agree with, offer up a different option instead of just saying “no.” Encourage them to help you make dinner which not only gives you and your children the chance to spend some time together, but you are immediately instilling healthy eating habits in them at an early age.

For more tips on how to encourage healthy eating, scour the Internet. Healthy eating is on the rise and there are multiple resources out there to keep things fresh in your house or attempt to change the way you eat.

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Veggie U Aims To Stop Childhood Obesity

Veggie U

Since the late 1980s, childhood obesity has more than doubled in Americans between the ages of 6-18. The issue has become so prevalent that everyone from chefs, to not-for-profits and even the First Lady has stepped up to change the course of this epidemic.

Woodlands Elementary, Huron, OH

Veggie U, a 501c(3) non-profit, promotes healthy living with a focus on making wise food choices through education. Veggie U aims to combat the outbreak of childhood obesity and diabetes as well as the onslaught of packaged food marketing aimed at school children. Veggie U supplies elementary school students with Classroom Garden kits all over the country. The kits are designed to teach kids the importance of nutrition through a five-week course with lessons that include: tasting new and different vegetables, planting and cultivating vegetable gardens, taking a glimpse at the underground life of worms, and plant science.

“It always amazes me that children think peas come frozen in bags,” said Karen Sherwood, a 4th grade teacher at Drake Elementary in Strongsville, OH and five-year participant of the Veggie U program. “The students learn so much with Veggie U. The program is completely hands-on and appropriate for every ability level.”

Huron OH Woodlands Elementary
Woodlands Elementary, Huron, OH

In addition to a scientific approach to learning about plants and their components, the Veggie U curriculum incorporates extensive journal activities, mathematics, language arts and fine arts, providing an integrated study of core concepts.

The students celebrate the end of the program with a vegetable Feast Day. Chefs are often invited to celebrate Feast Day with the students and offer recipe demos and instructions on how to prepare and enjoy vegetables all year long.

Drake Elementary Strongsville OH
Drake Elementary, Strongsville, OH

“We have demonstrated over the years with the Veggie U program that it does change students’ attitudes toward eating fresh vegetables,” said Lynn Eirons, Veggie U Education coordinator. “The children are excited to start the program and they retain the knowledge they learn from each lesson.”

Veggie U’s curriculum was inspired by chefs and farmers, and developed through the volunteer efforts of a nutritionist, doctor and local educators. The team recognized that children would greatly benefit from understanding the  connection between what they consume and how that food is grown.

Chefwear developed its relationship with Veggie U during the Summer of 2012 by creating a pattern made specifically for the organization and its cause. The Veggies pattern is available in a wide variety of chef pants and chef aprons. With every purchase of the Veggies print, Chefwear gives a portion of the sales to help Veggie U educate American children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle in hopes to end childhood obesity.

Article Written By: Vicki Jenkins

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Culinary Command Graduates Class of 2013

culinary command1

For the eight men and women in the Culinary Command Training Program For Veterans, it has been a life-changing experience. Culinary Command, a program designed to teach veterans high-level culinary skills to pursue careers in foodservice and hospitality, gave them an opportunity to utilize their skills as former members of our country’s military and apply them directly to the kitchen.

Founder and Head Instructor Chef David James Robinson brought a variety of backgrounds all together ranging from 16-years of cooking for the Army to a love for food that comes from home cooking and everything in between. 6-weeks ago, these participants came to the Culinary Command Training Program with the chance of a lifetime – the chance to succeed.

“It’s amazing to see some of the growth in these folks,” said Robinson. “Some of them didn’t know how to hold a knife correctly 6-weeks ago. Now, they are making advanced recipes.”

After 42-days of hard-core culinary lessons focused on making everything from scratch and techniques such as smoking, poaching, baking and the importance of wine pairing to name only a few, these eight students completed their training on July 27th, which culminated with a gradation dinner for 100 guests including friends and family of the participants, local and national supporters, students and veterans’ organizations.

Robinson’s final test brings all the skills the students learn together, and he encourages creativity and teamwork. The dinner is designed for the students to put their newly learned skills to the test.

“The students are instructed to either put a twist on a dish we already learned or make something entirely on their own based off technique they learned over the course the session,” explained Robinson. “The goal is make each dish coordinate as each student is assigned a course. The quality of the food and their creativity just blew me away.”

Throughout the 6-week session, The Culinary Command students sported Chefwear jacketsaprons and caps. The jackets, which featured each student’s name, the Culinary Command logo, and American flags on the collar were presented to the students on the first day of class and were worn day-in-and-day-out.

“Students were beside themselves when they received their uniforms,” Robinson stated. “The thought that went into each jacket was just an amazing moment for them to have, and now, to share with others. They were such a nice addition and added layer of professionalism and quality (to the session).”


Pictured: Back row: Mikel Posey; Middle row (from left to right): Robb Liekis, Sal Fernandez, Dustin Dash, Willie Scherrer; Front row (from left to right): Judy McLean, Lolita Perry, Keisha Davis.

Robinson began the Culinary Command Training Program in 2010 after hearing a variety of reports about the unemployment and suicide rate of our country’s military veterans. He quickly realized the similarities between life in the military and the life of a chef. The Culinary Command will start it’s third session in September. Click here to learn more about Chef David James Robinson.

New Style Breakdown – Nashville

Nashville Video - Chefwear_2013-07-22_14-40-531

Chefwear garnered success in the late 80s and early 90s by thinking outside of the box. Founder and pastry chef, Rochelle Huppin sold her first pair of chef pants by understanding the needs of chefs everywhere. Since, Chefwear has continued to uphold the importance of innovation and value the opinions of our most loyal customers. With the release of 2013 catalog series, shot in Nashville, TN, we are proud to introduce new and improved styles along with fresh, exciting and fashion-fowards options.


For a young, modern chef that is always on the go, our new Athletic Pants are just what you need. Made of a stretching, wicking fabric in an athletic cut, these chef pants help maximize movement and keep you comfortable while working in the kitchen.

Only available in black, these chef pants pair well with all of our chef jackets, especially those in our Short Sleeve Three-Star Chefwear Logo Button Line.



AthleticJacket (1)

For a modern, sporty look, Chefwear has introduced anAthletic Jacket made with a polyester/spandex knit fabric. An asymmetrical placket along with ribbing at the cuffs, collar and back help this chef jacket take on the special features of athletic wear. A zipper closure in the front is paralleled by slant pockets at the hips.

To complete your athletic look, pair the Athletic Jacket with the Athletic Pants or choose any of our famous fits and styles to help keep you looking and feeling great all day long.



Our Performance Pants have taken on a new level of durability and functionality. Now designed with 100% polyester ripstop (compared to a 100% cotton ripstop), these chef pants will survive some of the worst kitchen mishaps. The addition of a wicking and stain-repellant finish along with mesh venting at the backs of the knees will keep the moisture out and help you to stay cool in the kitchen.

Pair these new and improved chef pants with our Four-Star Vented Chef Jacket, which features mesh venting under the arms and a mesh-slit down the back.



Redesigned with your feedback, the Women’s Yoga Fusion Pants are now made with a heavier polyester/spandex fabric for extra durability in the kitchen. Featuring a wicking and anti-odor finish, these chef pants still hold true to the original design which allows for freedom of movement while working.

Available in Black, Navy and Platinum, our Yoga Fusion Chef Pants look exceptional with the Women’s Nouveaux Jacketand Women’s Empress Jacket. To finish your look, choose one of our new Linen Bib Aprons.



Lightweight polyester ripstop and a wicking and stain-resistant finish, help make the New Ripstop Shirt a perfect solution for the hottest of kitchens. Showcasing a boxy cut, this new shirt will keep you cool and comfortable whether you are working in the front of the house or the back of the house.

Choose between our Ultimate PantsBaggy Pants or Cargo Pants to finish your look.




Our New Performance Shirt is designed with a 4 oz. polyester poplin fabric with mesh sides. The addition of a wicking and anti-odor finish keeps the moisture out and helps you stay dry.This chef shirt looks great on your chef in the kitchen, a bartender, or someone on your waitstaff.

Choose a pair of Performance Pants, Traditional Pants, or ourCargo Shorts to wear with this shirt.

Chefwear Gives Back With Patterns With A Purpose Program


Patterns With A Purpose is Chefwear’s way to use its talents and successes to give back. Working with a charitable organization, our design team creates a garment that individualsupporters would be delighted to show off to their friends, family and business partners. A portion of the proceeds from all sales of Chefwear’s Patterns With a Purpose goes directly back to that organization’s cause. We develop every piece of this beautifully crafted chef apparel to help make a difference and give back to our community.


Veggie U

Our Veggies print benefits Veggie U and its program inspired by farmers, chefs and educators to teach the importance of nutrition by providing interactive lesson plans to elementary school and special needs students. Since 2003, Veggie U has delivered 4700 classroom garden kits in 31 states. Over 117,000 children have participated in the program.

Veggies comes in our Ultimate and Baggy Chef Pants, Classic Bib Apron and Pint Size Duds.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Chefwear’s pink trio support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BCRF provides funding to the research and prevention of breast cancer. BCRF gives you multiple outlets to contribute to the cause such as: providing a monetary gift, hosting a community fundraiser and shopping on the official website.

Black/Pink Chalkstripe and Black/Pink Houndstoothare available in chef pants and Pink Houndstooth is available in Classic Bib Aprons, chef pants and Pint Size Duds.


Breast Cancer Awareness

Chefwear’s pink trio support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BCRF provides funding to the research and prevention of breast cancer. BCRF gives you multiple outlets to contribute to the cause such as: providing a monetary gift, hosting a community fundraiser and shopping on the official website.

Black/Pink Chalkstripe and Black/Pink Houndstoothare available in chef pants and Pink Houndstooth is available in Classic Bib Aprons, chef pants and Pint Size Duds.


Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Our Lemons print benefits Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that raises money for childhood cancer with a special focus on research for new treatments and to help find a cure. ALSF encourages and empowers everyone from individuals to large corporations and universities to run lemonade stands to help make a difference.

This print is available in our Classic Bib Apron, Women’s Low Rise Chef Pants, Ultimate Chef Pants and Baggy Chef Pants as well as our Pint Size Duds.


Chef Patrick Clark

Chefwear’s Tribal Spirit pattern was created after the passing of Chef Patrick Clark due to a rare blood disease in 1998 at the age of 42. Tribal Spirit was one of the first in this collection and supports a trust established in Clark’s name.

Tribal Spirit is available in both chef hats and chef pants.

Product Donation Requests

If you would like to request a product donation please submit your request via email to Chefwear Donation Request One result of our ongoing support of these causes is that we receive many more requests than we can fund. However, we believe we can make a much bigger difference by focusing on the fight against hunger and the importance of education in food.

Top Five Tips To Dress Your Entire Staff


Chefwear focuses on providing chefs with the highest quality apparel on the market. With comfort and durability in mind, we remain the top choice among leading chefs all over the world. Now, with the addition of Greet by Chefwear, Chefwear offers the largest selection of styles and colors to dress your entire staff from the front of the house to the back. Take some tips from our experts on choosing the right garments so you can create your own unique identity, unify your employees and leave a positive lasting impression on your customers.


1. Choose kitchen apparel to enhance your theme

A chef that looks the part and feels great, cooks great. Regardless of the culinary environment or theme of your business, Chefwear offers options that are not only perfect for every position available in the kitchen, but ones that will meet the unique needs of each employee. We supply a variety of different fits and styles in our jackets and pants, as well as more options for women staff members.

If you are looking for a wide range of color options in your chef jackets, choose our Three-Star Chefwear Button Chef Jackets. Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve, these chef jackets are easy to wear and even easier to care for.

If you want a more sustainable option, try our Five-Star Traditional Organic Chef Jacket, which is available in seven Earth inspired tones.

Our Premier line offers more traditional, high-end options that are perfect choices for a show coat. Choose one of our more popular styles in the Executive Chef Jacket. If you’d like to add a little extra, we have the same chef jacket available with piping.


2. Keeping to theme, delight customers with the right front of the house apparel.

You customer’s experience starts right as you walk through the doors, and it’s essential to make a great first impression. Choose front of the house apparel that sends the right message. Whether you are operating an upscale restaurant or looking to outfit your country club staff, our Greet by Chefwear line has what you need.

For a more formal, sophisticated look, try the Premier Shawl Collar Server Coat or the Four-Star Notch Collar Server Coat. Both options provide a high-end feel to the front of the house. For a more casual look, try our large selection of shirts starting withPremier Oxfords and ending with Three-Star Polos.

Our front of the house line also has multiple pant styles for your servers, hosts and bartenders.

server  Chefwear Charleston 2009

3. Accessorize with hats and aprons to complete your look.

We carry a wide variety of waist and bib aprons that are perfect for both the front of the house and the back of the house. For extra protection from spills while working in a fast paced environment, choose our Classic Bib Apron, which is available in multiple colors and patterns or a Wide-Tie Bistro Chef Apron that falls around the middle of your shin.

More specifically for the front of the house staff, Greet by Chefwear offers multiple aprons that feature extra pockets and work well with any environment.

In many kitchens, headwear is a top priority. With our multiple style and pattern options you will easily find a chef hat that works perfectly for your kitchen staff. For a more traditional feel, try our Chef Toque, or for something more modern, our best sellingChef Skull Cap comes in over 10 different colors and is available in two more styles.

blackongrey  whiteonblack

4. Unify your employees with extra customization.

Chefwear can help make your restaurant uniform unique and just for you. Embroider your logo and name on your chef jacket, chef apron and chef hat utilizing our experienced, in-house embroidery team. We make sure your embroidered apparel looks stunning and keep you involved in the process from start to finish. For more tips on how to choose the right embroidery for you,click here.

If you’d like to go a step further, you can design a personalized look from either our Premier or Five-Star Line. Add a vibrant pattern to the cuffs, collar and lapel of a chef jacket or have a pair of pants made in an entirely different fabric. The options are endless.

5. Work with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable customer care team.

Chefwear’s expert customer care team is here to help. With extensive product knowledge, we can answer any questions you have and provide educated opinions based on your needs from both a stylistic and cost standpoint.

Chefwear’s customer care center is available for calls or online chat Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.  Outside of normal business hours there is a wealth of information at

Changed forever by 9/11, Chef David James Robinson is giving vets another chance at life, through food.

culinary command

Chef David James Robinson learned the power of food at an early age. The sounds of laughter and chatter were a constant in the Robinson household. The son of a minister and a church choir director, an empty seat at the table always belonged to family friends and missionaries. Here, is where Robinson learned the impact of good music, good company and even better food. “Mom always cooked at home and we always had folks over,” Robinson said. “I just loved the camaraderie of the table.”


While his passion to cook and entertain grew throughout the years, Robinson found himself in New York as the Vice President of an advertising agency in 2001 before a national tragedy made Robinson realize it was time to follow his heart.

“In 2001, I was working for an ad agency and I stood from my office window and watched The World Trade Towers fall,” remembered Robinson. “And afterwards, I just thought to myself that there were people who went to work that day thinking that maybe they wanted to do something different with their lives and now they would never have the chance.”

And just like so many Americans, Robinson’s life changed. He quit his job at the ad agency to pursue his life-long passion for cooking and enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Before graduation, Robinson had the opportunity of a lifetime that ultimately led him to where he is now.

“I was asked to cater an event for the President of the Rogers and Hammerstein Organization,” stated Robinson. “I had Mary Rogers (the daughter of Richard Rogers), Peter Shaffer (writer of Amadeus and Equus) and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (Pulitzer Prize winner) eating my food and enjoying it.”

Now, more than 10 years later and a successful catering and event planning company called Bezalel Gables Fine Catering & Events, Robinson has found a way to give back to the community – By teaching others. He teaches the very people that, in a roundabout way, gave him the courage to do what he loves – Our country’s soldiers.

“I was hearing a lot of reports about the unemployment and suicide rate for military veterans between the ages of 18-24,” said Robinson. “I saw a lot of people coming back from overseas with injuries and no opportunities being offered to them. It was just so heartbreaking.”

In 2010, Robinson began brainstorming ways to help and realized the parallels that existed between a life in the military and the life of a chef. It became clear that Robinson could teach these young men and women how to apply their military skills to working in a kitchen.

“In the military you wear a uniform, in the kitchen you wear a uniform,” Robinson explained. “In the military it’s ‘Yes sir, No sir,’ in the kitchen, it’s ‘Yes chef, no chef’. We use a brigade system. We thrive off team work. It’s not a matter of life and death, but the job needs to get done.”

From this epiphany came The Culinary Command Cooking Program For Veterans. The program started off as 4-weeks of comprehensive and intense culinary training. Now, three years later, Robinson holds two 6-week sessions in the Summer and Fall for 16 chosen applicants.

Robinson isn’t just supplying them with the facility to learn and the knowledge to work in the hospitality industry, but he’s providing them with another chance at life, an opportunity to leave the military behind. Robinson is giving back to those that give up so much for us. And just like the day Robinson witnessed The World Trade Center crumble, The Culinary Command Cooking Program has forever changed his life.

“It’s one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done,” he said.


Stay Cool With Our Summer Styles


The Summer season begins once the sun stays out a little longer and the smell of freshly cut grass and fragrant flowers is present at every moment. In order to combat some of the hottest days of the year, Chefwear designed a series of jackets that combine lightweight and performance fabrics with extra breathable features. These looks are sure to keep you cool even in the hottest of kitchens.


Choose a Chefwear Polo for your kitchen staff during the hot Summer months. This light, 100% cotton chef shirt comes with our famous Chefwear toque on the left chest. This shirt provides a casual, but clean look to keep you cool and dry. Available in only Black, the Chefwear Polo pairs well with chef pants patterns that are bright or have black undertones such as Artic Camouflageor Carnivale.

Our best-selling Five Star Lightweight Short-Sleeve Chef Jacket is available in White and Black. It’s 6.0 oz 100% cotton twill is durable enough to withstand the rigors of the kitchen wash after wash while maintaining a light, breathable feel.


Add a little texture to your wardrobe with the Five-Star Seersucker Chef Jacket. The lightweight, 100% cotton fabric is woven with classic seersucker dimples for a stunning look and comfortable feel. Available in White, Black, Periwinkle, and Espresso with pearlized square buttons for the perfect finishing touch. Choose a pair of our Cargo Shorts in Black Chalkstripe and a Wicking Chef Skully to complete your “cool” look.

Also available in a women’s cut which is tailored for a feminine figure. Pair this chef jacket with our Utility Chef Pantsfor a design similar to capris for extra protection.



The Premier Snap Shirt is perfect for shift after shift in a hot kitchen. Designed with a durable, but light poly rich blend, this chef shirt provides an extra level of comfort all day long. Choose from Black, White or Navy and pair with our Ultimate Chef Shorts.

If you are looking for a special occasion show coat, try theShort Sleeve Executive Chef Jacket. Made of 100% cotton, this chef jacket will keep you cool while you entertain guests during important events.



Chefwear Charleston 2009

The three-Star Short-Sleeve chef jacket is available in 8 fade-resistant colors and is crafted in a durable, wrinkle-resistant poly/cotton twill. Also available in Long-Sleeve, the short sleeve option provides an extra level of comfort during hot days and the use of a poly rich blend ensures this jacket to last in the kitchen.

To make the bright colors pop, chose a pair of chef pants in Black or search our extensive pattern options in our Ultimateand Baggy Chef Pants for the best option for your favorite color.



The Baker’s Shirt isn’t just reserved for those who practice pastry arts. This lightweight 5.5 oz 60/40 cotton/poly shirt is a great solution for any chef feeling the heat during the Summer. It is wrinkle and stain resistant while a mandarin collar and white plastic buttons complete the simple design.

This sleek, tailored Baker’s Shirt looks great with the slim fitting Traditional Pants.

The Chefwear Three-Star Short-Sleeve Snap Chef Shirt is a super lightweight 4.25 oz 65/35 poly/cotton blend what will help to keep you cool. It is available in Red, White, Royal Blue, and Black.


Dressing Up Your Chef Uniform


Chefwear’s culinary apparel meets the needs of every foodservice business in the industry, because our garments will always be comfortable, durable and stylish. Chefwear carries over 600 styles that are crafted with the same level of quality. If you are looking to move away from our standard choices of chef jackets and chef pants, consider these options to take your chef uniform to the next level.


The Regal Chef Jacket is made of 100% royal fine-line cotton twill and features your choice of navy, green or black piping on the cuffs, collar and inset pocket. Along with a crossover Mandarin collar, the Regal jacket is crafted with hand-rolled cloth buttons and sewn underarm vents. Compliment this chef coat with our 100% cotton Ultimate Chef Pants in Olive Houndstooth and aRoyalty Chef Apron to top off a prestigious look.


The Executive Chef Jacket is made with luxurious royal fine cotton fabric for a lightweight feel and comes in white and black. If you are looking for a more high-end look, this chef coat is also available in black with white piping or white with black piping, which runs along the cuffs, collar, inset pocket and lapel (both sides for double-breast functionality). Our designers suggest the Ultimate Chef Pants in black with a herringbone pattern and a Wide Tie Bistro Chef Apron in black on black stripe for a modern twist on a classic.


Chefwear’s Traditional Chef Pants in solid black exaggerate the sleek clean lines of the Contour chef jacket. Black piping follows the length of the lapel and collar which provides a modern touch to an elegant chef coat. There is also piping on the rounded cuffs and inset sleeve pocket along with hidden buttons for a seamless look.


The Nouveaux,  one of our best selling women’s chef jackets, is made with 100% royal fine-line cotton twill and is available in white and white with black piping. The contrast of black piping on white fabric works to highlight the square mandarin collar, pointed French cuffs and lapel. Pair this flattering chef coat with side slits and princess seams with our Yoga Fusion Chef Pants for a beautiful look with a touch of soft femininity.


The Four-Star Executive  Chef Jacket is made using a 60/40 cotton/poly fabric. Designed much like our best selling Premier Executive Chef Jacket, the Four-Star version is available in red with black piping, white with black piping or black on black stripe for a more distinct lood. This durable chef jacket can withstand the rigors of the kitchen and keep you looking great, while the subtle texture of our Tribal Spirit Baggy Pants adds on last bit of pop.

Influential Chefs With Style


Chefwear founder, Rochelle Huppin, handed out the first pair of Chefwear pants to some of the most influetial and up-and-coming culinary figures in the world in the late 1980s. Continuing along with that tradition, Chefwear focuses on building relationships with chefs and dressing them in our stylish culinary apparel as they continue to thrive in the kitchen. See what some of these culinary leaders are wearing while doing what they love.

Let'st Talk Live 3

Zena Polin and Jerry Hollinger
The Daily Dish

Polin teamed up with Hollinger to open The Daily Dish where they serve seasonal comfort food utilizing locally sourced and farm-fresh ingredients. Polin is an accomplished writer and editor in the culinary community focusing on food and wine from Latin America. Her knowledge of food and wine pairings combined with Hollinger’s experience as a chef and caterer helped The Daily Dish earn Open Table’s Diners’ Choice Award in 2011 and 2012. Polin is sporting our Five-Star Traditional Organic Jacketin Avocado.


Paula Lambert 
The Mozzarella Company

Lambert founded The Mozzarella Company in 1982 after spending some time in Perugia, Italy learning the language and immersing herself in the culture. After falling in love with the taste and texture of mozzarella, she learned how to make this creamy cheese and opened up her own business in Dallas, Texas. Lambert now ships her fresh mozzarella all over the country and earned the “Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America” from the James Beard Foundation amongst other awards. Lambert is featured wearing our Women’s Sterling Chef Jacket in Red.


Chef Budi Kazili 
The INN Crowd with Chef Budi Kazali

The INN Crowd with Chef Budi Kazali began its second season in February of 2013 and features Kazali pairing his famous “East meets West” dishes with the best local wines in Santa Barbara. Kazali features a guest on his show and educates him/her as well as the audience about what a good wine pairing can do to enhance your meal. Kazali is wearing our Five-Star Windsor Jacketin Natural and his guest is featuring our Organic Classic Bib Apronin Plum.





Chef Gail Sokol
Think Outside The Lunchbox

Sokol is an award winning pastry chef with expertise in baking as well as classical cuisine. Sokol works closely with the Think Outside The Lunchbox initiative in the state of New York. Sokol teaches adults and children the importance of a healthy lifestyle with emphasis on a well-balanced diet and physical activity. Sokol is wearing the Women’s Sterling Jacket in Red and ourUltimate Pants in the Veggies pattern to benefit Veggie U. Her guest, Brian Sherman Superintendent of Schoharie Schools, dons the Organic Classic Bib Apron in Avocado.


Ming Tsai
Simply Ming

Tsai just wrapped up his 10th season of Simply Ming where he focused on demonstrating to his audience the most basic cooking fundamentals and brought in special guests chefs to teach viewers unique recipes they can try at home, which shows off Tsai’s masterful teaching capabilities. Ming and his guests protect themselves against spills and splashes in the kitchen by showcasing our Bistro Chef Apron Without Pockets in Black.