Which Chef Jacket Is Right For Me?


Here at Chefwear, each large department (chef coats, chef pants, chef hats, chef aprons) is broken down into even more specific categories¬†(Premier, Five-Star, Four-Star, Three-Star)¬†based on features and benefits . This is a helpful tool in searching for your perfect uniform. Not only can you see the break down in the Chefwear Magazine and online, but also at the product development level. Every category has a set of characteristics that are consistent across all of its items. In this series, we’ll explore the four categories and help define which chef jackets, chef pants and kitchen aprons meet your needs.


Premier Chef Coats

The Premier line features our high-end chef jackets, sometimes referred to as show coats or event jackets. These chef coats are designed to help you look your best. Some chefs reserve these coats for special events and publicity pieces or presenting themselves in the front of the house of their restaurant. Other chefs choose a Premier Chef Jacket as their everyday chef uniform.

Premier Chef Jackets are made with premium fabric and top-of-the-line trims that should be handled with care. Two different fabric constructions are used: royal fine line cotton or a polyester/viscose lend. The 6.0 oz royal fine line cotton 3×1 twill is woven from extra-long staple cotton for its signature, supple feel and distinctive shine. The 6.2 oz 55/45 polyester/viscose 2×1 twill is stain and wrinkle resistant with a luxurious finish. Premium trims include hand-rolled or small cloth-covered buttons and satin piping.

Premier Chef Coats are all designed in the classic, European style with tapered waists, v-shaped button placement, and back seaming for a slim tailored fit. To maintain their distinguished look, there is no external branding (labels) on any of the Premier Chef Coats and very few of them feature sleeve thermometer pockets. They are finished with an inset breast pocket and welt.

Premier Chef Jackets are fully customizable for that personal touch. They may be made in a different fabric, lined at the cuffs, collar and lapel with a contrast fabric, or piping can be added or changed to a different color. The pocket, sleeve and jacket length are also customizable for a perfect fit.


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