Care Instructions


Long days in the kitchen can be grueling on both you and your restaurant uniform. Just like any article of clothing, there are specific care instructions to follow to ensure you get the most out of your foodservice apparel. Below are some helpful tips to help get the longest life out of your Chefwear garments.

To start, make sure you try each garment on and take a good look at the fabric blend associated with that article of clothing. As you know, a 100% cotton will shrink more than a polyester.


Machine wash, inside out, in warm water. Keep like colors together such as white chef jackets with other white garments, black chef pants with dark colors, and bright 3-star jackets with other bright colors.

When washing our 100% cotton, Premier Jackets, avoid adding anything to the pile that is made of denim or has zippers or Velcro.

Note: Avoid washing with cotton towels or fleece items.



Do not bleach your white garments.



Do not hang dry. Tumble dry on low heat and remove promptly.


If your garments aren’t heavily soiled, wash and dry on low. The less heat your garments are exposed to, the longer the colors will  stay vibrant and the fibers intact.

Note: Do not use liquid fabric softener, drier sheet, dual pods or combination detergent/softener with any of our performance products as it coats the technical fabric and inhibits the performance capabilities.



Iron on medium or high heat, but do not iron directly over embroidery or screen prints. Protect the customization with an old pillowcase or sheet. Turn the iron down to low because the embroidery thread is 100% polyester.


Dry Clean


Do not dry clean. The process will greatly reduce the life of your garment.

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