Looking For Something Different? Try Our Performance Line


Chefwear’s collection of active wear, just like clothing for athletes, was designed to keep chefs comfortable, cool and dry through the use of moisture management technology. Chefwear has always developed culinary apparel that is not only comfortable, but fashionable and stylish. These designs utilize fabrics that meet your needs for your clothing to perform while in the kitchen.

Athletic Jacket

Chefwear’s Athletic Jacket is the perfect modern and sporty look that active chefs are looking for. Ribbing at the collar and cuffs gives this jacket a fresh feel that would transition perfectly from inside the kitchen to a night out on the town. Made with a lightweight polyester/spandex knit fabric, the Athletic Jacket is soft to the touch but still provides protection from spills and splashes.


Yoga Pants

Our new and improved Women’s Yoga Fusion Pants are designed to give chefs maximum comfort while performing the hardest of tasks. Designed with a lightweight polyester/spandex knit fabric, these chef pants will bend with your body’s natural movement without leaving you feeling constricted and uncomfortable.

Athletic Pants

Chefwear’s Athletic Pants provide a sleek look for chefs on the go. Light, airy and soft to the touch, these chef pants can easily go from the gym to the kitchen to lounging around the house after a long night at work. Made with a lightweight polyester/spandex knit fabric, you are still provided with the protection you need and the comfort you desire.

Performance Pants

Chefwear redesigned its Performance Pants to meet the needs of chefs everywhere. Now crafted with polyester ripstop fabric, these pants stand up to the rigors of the kitchen. Not only extremely durable, but these pants feature mesh vents at the backs of the knees for added comfort and six deep pockets for extra storage.


Ventilated Jacket Options

With the heat of the kitchen reaching scorching temperatures on a regular basis, Chefwear created a series of ventilated jackets for maximum airflow all day long. Our Premier Flo JacketFive-Star and Four-Star Vented Jacket are designed with cotton rich fabrics and feature mesh inserts both under the arms and on the back.

Mesh and Wicking Skull Cap

With most of your body’s heat leaving through the top of your head, a required chef hat tends to keep you hot while on the job. Chefwear carries a 100% cotton Mesh Skull Cap with a 100% polyester mesh top that allows heat to escape easily. We also feature a Wicking Skully, which is made of 100% polyester and utilizes moisture-wicking technology which helps keep your head cool.

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