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With the first day of the year in our rear view mirror, restaurants begin to examine their 2014 uniform budget. With pressure mounting to save as much money as possible, we have put together a few cost-saving tips to help dress your kitchen in quality, stylish culinary apparel for the best price. Our Four-Star line offers a special value in the form of both durability and comfort that ensure your restaurant uniform investment will last for years to come.

Our Four-Star Chef Jackets are the perfect mix of comfort and durability at an affordable price. Each chef jacket is made with a cotton/poly blend, which provides the right amount of protection with a lighter feel. As well as a airy more durable feel, the blended fabric makes these chef coats easy to maintain and will hold up to the demands of working in a kitchen.

With 10 different styles available, the Four-Star Chef Jackets offer design options, which doesn’t nail you down to one type of chef jacket and opens the door to choose a chef coat better fit for the theme of your restaurant. You can dress your Executive Chef in our Four-Star Executive Jacket, which is based off our popular Premier Executive Jacket and the rest of your kitchen staff in aFour-Star Asymmetrical Jacket or Four-Star Cloth-Knot Button Jacket. Prices start at $30.95.


Along with our Four-Star Chef Jackets, we carry a line of Four-Star Chef Pants in the Traditional PantUltimate Pant andWomen’s Low-Rise Pant. These chef pants are similar to their 100-percent cotton counterparts in regards to features and fit, but showcase a cotton/poly blend which provides a more durable feel that stands up to the rigors of long hours at the restaurant. Prices start at $25.95.


To complete your look, consider a Three-Star Chef Apron. These kitchen aprons are made of a stain-resistant poly/cotton twill blend, which provides a basic fit for everyone. Our Three-Star Chef Aprons come in both bib and waist versions as well as different length and style options. Prices start at $8.95.

With a new budget available, we provide chef uniform options that promise to stand the test of time at a reasonable price. The Four-Star Chef Jackets and Chef Pants as well as the Three-Star Chef Aprons provide durability mixed with comfort that is sure to please your kitchen staff as well as perform time-and-time again.

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