Add A Pop Of Color To Your Spring Wardrobe


As winter draws to a close and the signs of spring start to show; Bright blooming flowers, lush green grass, clear blue skies, it’s a great time to take a cue from nature and spruce up your chef uniform’s color palate. Chefwear offers chef jackets in over 40 different stocked colors (and more than 300 customizable options), but this season we are focusing on the brightest hues to add a little POP to your wardrobe.


Royal Blue – Royal Blue is part of Three-Star Chefwear Button collection. This bright color really stands out up against a dark pair of chef pants. Choose between a solid Black or a Black/Grey Pinstripe. For a little more flair choose Cowhide or Chantal Houndstooth.






Purple – Purple is featured in our Three-Star Long Sleeve Chefwear Button Chef Jacket and pairs well with our Berries or Vintage chef pants patterns. Try playing off of the hints of purple in our Sunflowerpattern for a more subtle combination or to really stand out, choose our Ultimate Pants in Carnivale. Add in one of our stylish chef hats and provide that extra touch of personality with a Classic Bib Apron.



Orange – Chefwear’s Traditional Organic Chef Jacket and Five- Star Windsor chef jackets come in Sweet Potato as well as our Three- Star Chefwear Button Chef Jacket styles in Burnt Orange.This bright color plays well off of the bold colors in Multi- Stripe chef pants. Other pattern choices such as: Mushrooms, Black Chile Pepper, and Carnivale all also bring out the boldness in an orange chef jacket.




Red– Red is the most popular color choice with Chefwear customers and is available in our Emperor, Sterling, Five-Star Lined, Windsor, and Three- Star Chefwear Button chef jackets, as well as the Skull Cap and Chefwrap. A red chef coat can really pull out the red toques in our Toque Stripe print. Hot Tomatoes,Utensils, and Snake Skin pants also look great when finished off with a red chef jacket. Or for some contrast, pair up a red top with any black and white pair of chef pants, like European Houndstooth,Arctic Camo, or Tribal Spirit.


Hot Pink– One of our most popular colors in our Three-Star Line. Hot Pink pairs well with Carnivale chef pants. This chef coat also compliments pants in Sunflower and Effervescence. Sport our Hot Pink chef jacket with some Black Chefwear Traditional Chef Pants to really make that pink pop.





Gold- Gold is available in long and short-sleeve versions of our Three Star Chefwear Button Chef Jacket. This color looks great with a Chefwear classic, Black Chile Pepper. The yellows hues inLemons pants work perfectly w/ Gold. Or for more regal combination try Pacific Rim Ultimate Chef Pants. Gold will also be a perfect fit with a pair of Mushroom pants.




Lime – A lime colored jacket is the perfect bright color for your Spring wardrobe. The true epitome of warmer days to come, this color comes in our Women’s Sterling Chef Jacket. A Black pair of chef pants will really make this chef coat stand out. Mix It Up and Pomegranate provide a nice combination for a little extra flair and personal style. Don’t forget to finish off your chef uniform with a chef hat and chef apron.

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