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Looking For Something Different? Try Our Performance Line


Chefwear’s collection of active wear, just like clothing for athletes, was designed to keep chefs comfortable, cool and dry through the use of moisture management technology. Chefwear has always developed culinary apparel that is not only comfortable, but fashionable and stylish. These designs utilize fabrics that meet your needs for your clothing to perform while in the kitchen.

Athletic Jacket

Chefwear’s Athletic Jacket is the perfect modern and sporty look that active chefs are looking for. Ribbing at the collar and cuffs gives this jacket a fresh feel that would transition perfectly from inside the kitchen to a night out on the town. Made with a lightweight polyester/spandex knit fabric, the Athletic Jacket is soft to the touch but still provides protection from spills and splashes.


Yoga Pants

Our new and improved Women’s Yoga Fusion Pants are designed to give chefs maximum comfort while performing the hardest of tasks. Designed with a lightweight polyester/spandex knit fabric, these chef pants will bend with your body’s natural movement without leaving you feeling constricted and uncomfortable.

Athletic Pants

Chefwear’s Athletic Pants provide a sleek look for chefs on the go. Light, airy and soft to the touch, these chef pants can easily go from the gym to the kitchen to lounging around the house after a long night at work. Made with a lightweight polyester/spandex knit fabric, you are still provided with the protection you need and the comfort you desire.

Performance Pants

Chefwear redesigned its Performance Pants to meet the needs of chefs everywhere. Now crafted with polyester ripstop fabric, these pants stand up to the rigors of the kitchen. Not only extremely durable, but these pants feature mesh vents at the backs of the knees for added comfort and six deep pockets for extra storage.


Ventilated Jacket Options

With the heat of the kitchen reaching scorching temperatures on a regular basis, Chefwear created a series of ventilated jackets for maximum airflow all day long. Our Premier Flo JacketFive-Star and Four-Star Vented Jacket are designed with cotton rich fabrics and feature mesh inserts both under the arms and on the back.

Mesh and Wicking Skull Cap

With most of your body’s heat leaving through the top of your head, a required chef hat tends to keep you hot while on the job. Chefwear carries a 100% cotton Mesh Skull Cap with a 100% polyester mesh top that allows heat to escape easily. We also feature a Wicking Skully, which is made of 100% polyester and utilizes moisture-wicking technology which helps keep your head cool.

Why Wear 100% Cotton


When founder Rochelle Huppin laid the foundation for Chefwear, the biggest component on her road to success was providing comfortable chef pants in a market where chef uniforms were designed using 100% polyester and heavy polyester blends. With the introduction of her 100% cotton baggy chef pants, a new trend was born. From there, Chefwear has continued to create soft, breathable styles made with 100% cotton in all categories. We believe a happy chef is a comfortable chef.

Along with a soft, breathable touch and feel, cotton offers numerous advantages that make our 100% cotton styles desirable.


Cotton is super absorbent and easy to wash

The natural fibers present in cotton allow for better circulation. This helps to absorb moisture and heat to keep your body cool and dry while working in the hot kitchen. The majority of Chefwear’s chef pants are designed using a lightweight, 100% cotton fabric. We offer different styles and fits for every body type including the widest selection of women’s choices

Cotton is a fiber that becomes stronger when saturated. Stains do not bind to the fibers of your chef jackets or chef pants, which makes those garments easy to wash. If properly cared for, these pieces of clothing are ready to wear right out of the dryer. You can choose from two 100% cotton jacket categories, Premier and 5-Star. Premier chef jackets are crafted with high-end cotton while 5-star chef jackets are designed with cotton twill.

Cotton is biodegradable

Cotton is considered a renewable resource and during processing, less than 10% of the fiber is considered waste. You can also choose organic cotton such as our 5-Star Traditional Organic Jacket, which uses no pesticides during the growing process and is even better for the environment.

Cotton is hypoallergenic

Because cotton is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, cotton is the best choice for people who suffer from allergies or have extremely sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Chefwear chef hats are all 100% cotton unless otherwise specified, but this is beneficial to any chef as heat easily leaves through the top of your head rather than being trapped.

Because cotton is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, cotton is the best choice for people who suffer from allergies or have extremely sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Chefwear chef hats are all 100% cotton unless otherwise specified, but this is beneficial to any chef as heat easily leaves through the top of your head rather than being trapped.

Cotton is soft

When wearing cotton, it feels very light on the skin. It doesn’t rub in the wrong ways or leave you feeling itchy. Cotton is soft when it’s picked in the fields, so when transferred to an article of clothing, that quality follows. There are different types of cotton that might make one version feel softer than the other, (think about high count bed sheets), but in the end, cotton in general is soft to the touch. Even after a few washes, a cotton twill will feel just as soft as a royal Pima cotton.

Top Product Features

ArticleModule_Product Features

Chefwear continues to provide you with special design features to not only keep you comfortable in the kitchen but make you feel fashionable and stylish. With over 600 items in stock, our design team has broken down some of our most popular elements and to help with your purchasing decision.


  • Mesh

Chefwear utilizes light-weight, 100% polyester mesh material to provide a variety of our styles of chef pants and chef jackets with an extra level of breathability. The use of mesh venting is the perfect combination of sweat-free comfort and moisture control to help keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

4180_Under Arm Vent

4180_Back Vent_a

    • The caped back of the Flo Jacket is lined with mesh and covered with a 6.2 oz. poly/viscose
    • blend for optimal venting.
    • A mesh insert is featured on both the Five-Star Vented Jacket and the Four-Star Lightweight Vented Jacket that starts in-between the shoulder blades and meets at a point right above the waistline.
    • Mesh venting is covered with a placket of lightweight polyester ripstop fabric at the backs of the knees of ourPerformance pants.
  • Sewn

Keyhole sewn underarm vents are placed under each arm of a variety of jackets from our Premier line to our Four-Star line. These keyhole sewn underarm vents provide an extra level of breathability and help keep you comfortable in the hottest of environments as well as add a nice decorative feature to the chef jackets.


  • 100% Cotton

Use of a higher cotton content, from premium cotton fabrics to cotton twills, makes our apparel the softest and most comfortable choice. Our Premier Jacket and Five-Star Jacket lines and the majority of our chef pants are made of 100% cotton. These choices give our garments a lighter feel a more breathable quality while allowing you to be more mobile.

  • Cotton Blends

For a more durable blend but one that still possesses a soft, airy feel, we use a 60/40 cotton blend. The added polyester provides the garment with a little extra grit and after a few washes will be just as soft as our 100% cotton styles. Chefwear offers cotton blends on our Four-Star Jacket and Pant Lines.

  • Poly Blends

Our most durable options are strong is polyester blends. The poly-rich fabric breaths exceptionally well and provides extra protection while working all day in the hot kitchen. Although a heavier fabric choice, the thickness of the fabric leaves the garment less susceptible to every day wear and tear. Poly blends are available in our Three-Star Jacket and Apron lines as well as our Athletic Pants, Yoga Fusion Pants and Athletic Jacket.

  • 100% Polyester

Chefwear provides lightweight polyester options which give our customers a variety of choices that are breathable while also being durable. Strong polyester ripstop protects the garments from tearing, with a focus on stopping small tears from turning into big tears. For lightweight 100% polyester options try out Performance Pants or Ripstop Shirt which utilizes the ripstop fabric or the Performance Shirt.

Fabric Textures:


  • Waffle

The use of the waffle fabric, or often referred to as the honeycomb fabric, not only adds texture to the garment but makes the style extremely absorbent. Along with extra absorbency, the weave allows more air flow which in turn helps the fabric dry more quickly. The waffle texture is featured on our Premier Monarch Jacket.

  • Bird’s Eye Pique



The use of the pique fabric provides the garment with a very high-end look and feel. The raised, distinct pattern is crafted in a tiny diamond shape and much like the waffle weave is extremely absorbent. Our Premier Ambassador Jacketshowcases the bird’s eye pique.

  • Seersucker



Seersucker is a common all-cotton fabric that is most popular during the spring and summer months. The weave provides this fabric with a natural wrinkled look which increases air circulation and makes it easy to care for. The seersucker texture is available in both men’s and women’s Five-Star Seersucker Jacket.