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Chefwear Founder Shows Off Skills At Children’s Bureau Event


Most recently, Chefwear founder Rochelle Huppin participated in the Third Annual Children’s Bureau Celebrity Chefs Wine Tasting held in Los Angeles, CA in October. The event benefited the Children’s Bureau, which is not-for-profit organization that helps out at-risk children and gives them the tools to be caring and productive adults.

Huppin served homemade butterscotch pudding with fleur de sel chocolate wafers and was part of a group of celebrity chefs such as: Jim Dodge, Natasha MacAller and Mary Sue Millikan.

“It’s a great cause and it’s really what chefs are all about,” Huppin said. “Think about all the events, charities, benefits and what they all have in common — Food. It’s our way of doing what we love and giving back.”


Huppin’s table display of her butterscotch pudding with fleur de sel chocolate wafers


Celebrity Chefs, Natasha MacAller (left), Jim Dodge (center), Huppin (right) at the Third Annual Children’s Bureau Celebrity Chefs Wine Tasting


Wanna-Be-Chefs Choose Chefwear For Third Straight Year


Wanna-Be-Chef Dinner Productions hosted its third annual benefit dinner, Fiesta Italiana, at Fuel in Wilmette, IL. The event benefited The Warming House also located in Wilmette. Jeff Holcomb, Craig Phillips and Robert Friesen, worked in the kitchen to serve 90 people a five-course rustic Italian menu that featured braised ox-tail and ciopinni amongst other items. This year’s event marked the second year in a row the benefit was held at Fuel.

Holcomb, Phillips and Friesen, along with Fuel chefs Derek Dwyer and Rick Lind and special guest Mary “Mama” Di Fiore, donned embroidered Chefwear’s Three-Star Cloth Knot Button Jackets. The trio has used Chefwear for all three of the annual events and avidly supports the brand.

Robert Harley

Robert Friesen (right), Wanna-Be-Chef, and son Harley (left), Fuel line cook, during the Third Annual Wanna-Be-Chef event

Holcomb, Phillips and Friesen conceptualized a theme and worked with Fuel’s chefs to create a menu that included specialties made from locally sourced ingredients. They spent three days preparing food and planning for the ups and downs that happen daily while working in a busy restaurant’s kitchen. “Mama” Di Fiore created over 100 servings of traditional Italian desserts including cannoli, tiramisu and cassata.

Mama and chefs 1

From left to right: Rick Lind, Chef; Jeff Holcomb, Wanna-Be-Chef; Friesen; Derek Dwyer, Executive Chef; Craig Phillips, Wanna-Be-Chef; and “Mama” DiFiore (center) during the Third Annual Wanna-Be-Chef event

“We all love to cook,” said Friesen. “But loving to cook and working in a restaurant and churning out 500 high-quality courses in a three-hour period are two very different stories. The three of us enjoy the challenge, learning to scale up cooking to feed a large group, and learning new techniques and recipes from the professional chefs that work with us. We have something to be very proud of here.”

Chefs and Tim 2

From left to right: Lind, Phillips, Tim Lenon, Owner of Fuel, Dwyer, Friesen, and Holcomb during the Third Annual Wanna-Be-Chef Event