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The Only Chef-Owned Culinary Apparel Company

Chefwear intimately understands the needs of chefs, because our founder is a chef. We value the insight that can only come from being professionally trained and working in chef apparel. This knowledge allows us to create clothing with the working chef in mind just as if we are wearing it in a kitchen ourselves.

Chefwear founder Rochelle Huppin, while attending the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in the mid-80s, observed that there were no uniforms made specifically for women. Furthermore, there were no uniforms that were comfortable, stylish and kitchen-functional.

This experience inspired Huppin to create her first pair of chef pants out of ,100-percent cotton fabric. These pants gave her more freedom of movement and provided a soft, light, airy feel ,compared to the standard issued 100-percent polyester pants.

After graduating from the CIA in 1987, Huppin wore her pants in professional kitchens and found they held up very well to the grueling work schedule. She would go many months without a day off, yet still felt comfortable in her pants at the end of the day.

As it turned out, Huppin was not the only chef who needed comfortable, stylish pants. While at a “Meals on Wheels” event in Los Angeles, Huppin gave her new pants to the likes of Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck and immediately received positive feedback. From this moment, Chefwear was born.


Huppin’s professional kitchen experience provided the perfect foundation for Chefwear. The same way a chef is selective about ingredients, Huppin went to extreme lengths to select fabrics and construct apparel. By wearing her pants at work, she was able to fine-tune them to become a beloved innovation embraced by chefs everywhere.

Now, Chefwear is the only chef-owned culinary apparel company on the market, and we continue to remain close to chefs by working in kitchens to make styles they want to wear. Huppin regularly participates in cooking events all over the country, which gives her a new perspective on the latest trends.

Chefwear values the insights that can only come from being professionally trained and actually working in our apparel and will always create clothing with the working chef in mind.

Recent Events:
10/11/12: Third Annual Children’s Bureau Celebrity Chefs Wine Tasting

Chef Bob Waggoner Shows Off Chefwear on UCook! With Chef Bob


Five years ago Chef Bob Waggoner invited us into his kitchen when he started filming UCook! with Chef Bob in the quaint beach town of Charleston, SC, and Chefwear has been with him since the beginning. “One of the first phone calls we made was to Chefwear,” said UCook! Producer, Mike Kirk. “The clothing and the service is top-notch and Chef Bob wouldn’t wear anything else.”

Chefwear Charleston 2009

On his show, Chef Bob pulls members of the audience up on stage, and he teaches them how to cook a meal. Chef Bob dresses them in Chefwear attire and gives them an inside look into gourmet cooking and wine pairing.


After a successful tenure in Charleston, Chef Bob and his team are embarking on a new journey in Nashville, TN starting in early 2013 where they will film on location at famous spots all over the city famous for country music. Set to have 1,000 people in the audience per show, UCook! will bring celebrity chefs, country music stars and master sommeliers on set to interact with Chef Bob and the audience. Visit to learn more about Chef Bob and UCook!

Chef Terry French Takes Chefwear Around The World


Chef Terry French saw an ad posted on Craig’s List looking for a “culinary badass” and after sending in his reply found himself on the second season of Food Network’s Extreme Chef, which as it turned out is right in his wheelhouse as he was crowned champion in September.

Chef Terry wore his Chefwear jacket throughout the entire season in which it traveled with him over 8,000 miles and did everything from riding elephants, sourcing ingredients in a floating market and cooking in front of a Buddhist temple.

boat close up

After his victory, Chef Terry had his fellow cast mates and the crew of Food Network’s Extreme Chef autograph his Chefwear jacket. “This really turned into an amazing experience,” Chef Terry said. “It was like Disneyland for chefs. We didn’t know what we were doing until 10 minutes before the challenge. We were jumping in oceans. I’m a Coast Guard guy, so I didn’t even think twice about it. It was amazing to get to know the other six chefs. We really built relationships and had the experience of a lifetime.”

chefwear jacket home

Eat Healthy Albany Chooses Chefwear


Chefwear recently worked with Eat Healthy Albany, a new citywide program in Albany, NY to help fight childhood obesity, which launched on Sept. 23 at the Palace Theater in downtown Albany.

Albany mayor Gerald D. Jennings, wearing a Five-Star Organic Chef Jacket in marine blue and Chef Gail Sokol, sporting theSterling Chef Jacket in cornflower, prepared a variety of healthy meal choices for over 1500 children and adults. Chefwear also provided the event with white Pint Size Chef Aprons for its child participants.



The goal of Eat Healthy Albany is to help the residents of the city to appreciate the importance of a healthy diet and the positive effects it has on the body. The second phase of the program will bring Chef Gail to area schools where she will educate students in making better food choices

Chefwear Revolutionized Chef Fashion – A Timeline of Innovation


Chefwear founder Rochelle Huppin reached a moment in her culinary career when she decided that the school issued, 100-percent polyester uniforms weren’t working for her. At that moment, she decided to create a pair of chef pants made out of 100-percent cotton that provided her with the comfort she was looking for. From there, a company was born, and now, Chefwear continues to use the personal experiences of not only Huppin but chefs from all over the industry to create new styles to meet their wants and needs.

The Baggy Chef Pants are the foundation on which Chefwear was built. These pants were designed with comfort, safety and fit in mind. Utilizing 100-percent cotton instead of polyester, these chef pants make a 16 hour shift a little easier. The wide elastic waistband, loose fit and tapered ankle completely revolutionized restaurant uniforms. As fashion trends evolved, the Baggy Chef Pant provided a rock solid base for future kitchen apparel design.

The two most iconic chef pant patterns were released in 1991. Black Chalkstripe [35] was designed with the help of Wolfgang Puck’s fashion sensibilities, whileEuropean Houndstooth [11] was designed as a nod to classic European styling. Both are known for their ability to hide stains in the kitchen or front of the house. The first catalog, also released in 1991, featured both patterns in the Baggy Chef Pant. Since then, Black Chalkstripe and European Houndstooth have been mainstays, and continuously rank in the top five best selling prints each year.

Perfect for your miniature chef, Pint Size Duds were introduced in 1992 and the mini line has remained a signature part of the Chefwear family ever since. Pint Size Duds are available in pants, aprons, hats, and jackets, all scaled down to fit your little future chef.

Chefwear decided to bring youth culture to the mainstream kitchen with Chef-R-Alls. Built for comfort, utility and durability, this unique chef style created an instant buzz. Chefs from all over the country fell in the love with the roomy fit that allowed for easy movement, and the extra large pockets to hold a wealth of tools. Chef-R-Alls were removed from the line in 2006, but die-hard followers get their fix with custom order availability.

Created with the Executive Chef in mind, this jacket provides a slim cut, traditional European design with a deep v-placket, inset breast pocket and rounded French cuffs. The fit of the Executive Chef Jacketbecame so popular that it has been used as the base for many other styles in our Premiere chef jacket line. The Executive Chef Jacket provides a classy, sophisticated touch for those chefs that participate in events outside of the kitchen.

After the successful launch of the Baggy Chef Pants, Chefwear introduced the Ultimate Chef Pants, which were slightly less baggy and not as tapered at the ankle for a more fashion-forward chef. The relaxed fit combined with a slightly more narrow 2″ waistband still provides the comfort, safety and fit that Chefwear is known for, but in a more modern silhouette. The Ultimate Chef Pant quickly rocketed to the top and has since remained our #1 best selling item.

Originally, Chefwear released an over-sized chef coat and knit pants for mothers-to-be in 1997. The jacket was redesigned over the years, and in 2008, a new version was released. The Maternity Chef Jacket is made out of a cotton/spandex fabric and features inverted box pleats, while being tailored at the shoulders and bust. This new and improved edition is available today.

The success of the Executive Jacket highlighted a need for a stylish chef jacket that fit well and could stand up to the rigors of the kitchen. The Traditional Chef Jacket was the perfect solution with a front and back yoke for freedom of movement, longer length for better coverage and an overall flattering fit. Made with heavyweight 100-percent cotton, this chef coat is still soft and breathable, but thick enough to protect from the elements of the kitchen and hold its shape, wash after wash.

The Cargo Chef Pants are constructed just like our best-selling Ultimate Chef Pants. Designed based off the ever-growing trend of cargo pants in American culture, these chef pants provided chefs with wider and deeper pockets that was extremely practical for the kitchen.


Chefwear was ahead of the curve in 2005 with our release of the first Women’s Low Rise Chef Pant seen in the industry. This elastic waist pant still provides ample coverage for bending and reaching, but offers a more contemporary rise and a straight leg cut. A standard front rise for unisex chef pants is 10″ – 13″ long for a size M. The Women’s Low Rise Chef Pant measures 8″ long and slightly below your natural waistline, giving you plenty of room to move around without fear of exposure in this more modern fit.

Very few patterns take the culinary industry by storm the way that Chefwear’s Black Pinstripe [50] did in 2006. Immediately upon its release, it skyrocketed into the top 5 best selling colors and has remained there ever since. Before it was available in many of the current products, Black Pinstripe was the most requested special order fabric our designers had ever seen. It’s soft, supple hand combined with the classic nature of the jet black background and woven light grey pinstripes make this pattern a perfect fit for any settings


The Eco-Friendly line was launched due to the growing awareness amongst chefs to become more environmentally conscious. The line features chef pants, chef jackets, chef aprons and kitchen headwear. Elements of the line were chosen specifically to give chefs an accessible alternative to mass produced kitchen apparel. The cotton is certified organic, dyed with earth-friendly vegetable based pigments, and finished without the use of harsh chemicals. Garments are locally made in small batches to reduce waste and the overall impact on the environment. Since its inception, Chefwear has added five new colors to the Eco-Friendly line.

Barwear by Chefwear was the first apparel line developed for bartenders with input from the USBG. This line was introduced to meet the growing demands of the Front of the House and the popularity of the bar chef. It provides sleek, clean and comfortable looks for those working behind the bar. The line features jackets, shirts, pants and aprons all designed with the daily challenges a bartender faces in mind. The popularity of this line has pushed it to expand to twice its original size in two short years.

Modern fit meets Chefwear comfort in our Women’sYoga Fusion Chef Pant made with super soft cotton jersey knit. We provide a new level of comfort to women in the kitchen that allows for easy movement, coverage, and breathability during long hours.

How To Customize Your Chef Apparel


In 1985, Rochelle Huppin began her education at The Culinary Institute of America. After being handed the standard polyester uniform on her first day of class, Huppin realized that the ill-fitting garments would not work for her in the kitchen and began to design and sew her own chef uniform out of 100-percent cotton fabric. The result: A custom pair of chef pants that revolutionized the industry and the beginning of Chefwear as we know it today.
We continue to embrace our roots and provide a custom, handmade and innovative approach for our customers that are looking for something extra for their chef uniforms. This is done by offering many make-it-your-own custom options and features that allow you to make your chef clothes personal and special.
The first step in designing your special order is to contact a customer care team member and choose a garment from ourendless selection of stocked styles to make your own. Premier or Five Star Chef Jackets, chef pants, chef aprons or chef hatscan all be designed to meet your needs whether you are looking for better functionality in the kitchen, tailoring to fit your body type or the addition of accents such as embroidery, piping or lining.
We offer multiple options when it comes to our special orders. If you are unsure what custom options or features would look best or need assistance in conceptualizing a custom design, we have an internal design team that specializes in product knowledge, design concepts and creative one-of-a-kind ideas. They will work with you to construct your item from start to finish and provide you with their professional opinions to help bring your vision to life. Some design options are:

  • Add or shorten lengths to Premiere or Five-Star Chef Jackets or chef pants
  • Add zippers or belt loops to chef pants
  • Change fabrics, colors or prints on any Premier or Five Star Jacket, pair of chef pants, kitchen apron or chef headwear
  • Remove or add a pocket to Premiere or Five-Star Chef Jackets or chef aprons
  • Change buttons or lining on a chef coat at the collar, cuffs and/or lapel with your favorite printed fabric.
  • Add Piping, which is offered in eleven color options, to any of our Premier or Five Star Jackets or chef aprons.

Once the construction of your special order is complete (or if you want to add extra details to one of our already stocked items) we offer a handful of extra features such as:

  • Ribbons, available in seven colorful accents, can be added to any one of our stocked styles.
  • Collar Bars and Flags for your chef coat are available from almost any country in the world.
  • Screen Print your logo or a custom design on any chef coat, kitchen apron, chef shirt, hat or chef pant.
  • Embroider your name, title and logo on any Chefwear item. Embroidery is offered in eight different fonts and 19 different colors.

Because the very nature of a special order is to hand-make every item based on your requests, the lead time for you to receive your design is usually 4-6 weeks. Please contact your Customer Care Representative for all questions regarding your special order.

For a look at some of our clients favorite special orders, click here.

Chefwear Supports Share Our Strength at New York City Food & Wine Festival


Since Chefwear’s inception, we have always believed in standing side-by-side with causes that support the elimination of hunger in the United States. Oct. 11 through Oct. 14 marks the fifth year of the New York City Wine & Food Festival, which is hosted by and benefits Share Our Strength (SOS) and Food Bank For New York City. For as long as the event has been around, Chefwear has donated chef jackets and chef aprons to those participating in the four-day fundraiser to show its continued support of the SOS organization.

Photos from 2011 New York City Wine & Food Festival



In 1998, we began a relationship with Share Our Strength (SOS), one of the nation’s leading children’s anti-hunger campaigns, by introducing a pattern that directly supports the organization. Because of our passion to aid in the end of childhood hunger, we have consistently participated in events that endorse SOS such as: the Food Arts BBQ, South Beach Food & Wine Festival, and New York City Food & Wine Festival.

Chefwear continues to aid causes that are directly associated with the elimination of hunger and culinary education. To read more about our Charitable Giving, click here.

Chefwear Dresses Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer


Chefwear has been outfitting Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer, out of St. Charles, IL with its chef uniforms for the last three years. In September, Chefwear was lucky enough to dress the Pizza Beer duo from head-to-toe for a television spot on FOX2 Detroit.

Tom and Athena Seefurth looked the part of true pizza chefs by showing off our Four-Star Piped Chef Jacket in red with black piping, black Ultimate Chef Pants and a traditional Chef Toque in our black chili pepper pattern. “Chefwear took the time to ask the right questions and the suggestions they provided were right on,” Tom Seefurth said. “We stand in stores all day and when we do the occasional TV spot, we find the most important things are comfort, looks and durability, and Chefwear clearly does all three.”


Mamma mia! Pizza Beer began when the Seefurths were looking for a great beer pairing to go with pizza, and after using tomatoes, garlic and homegrown herbs, Pizza Beer was formed in 2006. Visit Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer’s official website for more information.