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How Do I Fit My Body Type?


With the pop culture spotlight on the culinary industry and the increase in open kitchens and chef/customer interaction, looking professional in your chef apparel has become just as important as being comfortable. There are so many different color and feature options on the market today that fit often gets overlooked. Chefwear offers a great variety of styles and fits, including the largest selection of women’s chef uniforms, designed to flatter many different shapes.

If you’re not familiar with your own shape, break out a tape measure and take a quick look at your hips, waist, chest and shoulder measurements. Or have a friend outline your silhouette on a full length mirror (use something erasable, like window markers or a bar of soap) then step back and look at the overall shape. Just keep in mind that your gender, height and weight don’t have much to do with this exercise, it is more about proportions and how to find clothes that help you look and feel your best.



A pear shaped body is defined by a larger hip measurement than waist, with smaller chest and narrower shoulders.

Pant features to look for:

  • Wider leg with boot cut or straight leg openings
  • Stretchy fabric for a little more freedom of movement.
  • Cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hip area.

Our Low Rise Boot cut chef pants work great for pear shaped bodies, with ample room in the hips and a slightly lower rise that falls just below the belly button.

For a more classic chef look, the original Baggy chef pants provide plenty space in the hips and thighs.

Jacket features to look for:

  • Longer lengths that end past the hips, not at the hips.
  • Interesting details on neckline.
  • More structured shoulders to help balance the hips.

Any of the Five-Star Traditonal jackets (available in a variety of colors and fabrics) work well for a pear shape with its structured shoulders and longer length. The Five-Star Color Block jacket features a contrast fabric yoke for a little extra pop.

Women chefs may like the deep v-neckline of the Stretch Crossover jacket. The long length and side slits of our Empress jacket would also fit the bill.

Quick Tip: Try adding a neck ribbon, collar bars or collar flags to any jacket to bring attention to your top.



The shoulder or chest measurement will be the largest. Waist and hip measurements will get progressively smaller (or will be similar to each other).

Features to look for in Pants:

  • Pants with vertical stripes lengthen the wearer and draw attention to the bottom.
  • Bootcut or flared leg openings are great to offset the larger top.
  • Low rise works well with apple shapes.

Try the Traditional chef pants on for size. They are available in a several different striped patterns, including our most popular print “Black Pinstripe”.

The Yoga Fusion chef pant is also a great option, with its lower rise, stretchy knit fabric and flared bottom.

Features to look for in Jackets:

  • V-necks are a good option for apple shapes.
  • Tapering at the waist helps to give definition.
  • Shorter jackets that end at the hip are the best choice.

The cropped length and slim waist of the Moto jacket are perfect for an apple shape. The crossover collar of our new Diplomat jacket can create some drama at the neck line.

Women chefs may want to check out the shorter Sterling jacket, available in 8 colors.

Quick Tip: Try unbuttoning one or two of your top buttons on any of our double breasted chef jackets to give you that V-neck you are looking for!



An hourglass body type has shoulders and hips that are balanced (similar in measurements) and a smaller defined waist.

Pant features to look for:

  • Wider leg
  • Low rise in front with a contoured waist
  • Cuts that run a size or two bigger in the hips

Chefwear Ultimate chef pants fit an hourglass shape well.

Women’s Low Rise and Women’s Low Rise Cargos are a great choice for hourglass shaped female chefs.

Features to look for in jackets:

  • A cinched waistline keeps hips and shoulders balanced.
  • Avoid a boxy cuts.
  • Appropriate room in the chest to ensure good coverage.

The Four-Star Button Tab jacket features adjustable button tabs to cinch the waist and a raglan cut sleeve for more freedom of movement. Many of the chef jackets in our Premier line feature the perfect cut for an hourglass shape. Try the ExecutiveVIP or Regal jackets.

The Nouveaux jacket is a great Women’s option for its back tie, front pocket and extra room in the hips.

Quick Tip: Look for jackets with side slits to help keep things loose around your hips.



Hip and shoulder measurements will be the same (or very close) and the waist will be very similar or larger than the hip or shoulder measurement.

Features to look for in pants:

  • Low rise waistlines are best for the banana shape.
  • Avoid stretch fabrics to end up too loose.
  • Skinny or straight leg cuts work well.

The Tailored (or Women’s Low Rise Tailored) chef pants should fit a banana shaped body like a glove. For a more sporty style, thePerformance pants are a great option.

Features to look for in jackets:

  • Slightly more room in the waist (avoid cinched waists).
  • Fabrics that drape freely over your shape.
  • Banana shapes look great in oversized and boxy styles.

Any of the jackets in the Three-Star Line (unisex and women’s) will look great on a banana shape. Check out the four new Summer 2012 colors.

The luxurious fabric on the Emperor jacket is very flattering for banana shaped bodies.

Quick Tip: Female banana shapes can wear unisex or men’s fit clothing with flattering results.