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Take a seat in the classroom and learn more about how Chefwear revolutionized chef fashion.

Chefwear Gives Back With Patterns With A Purpose Program


Patterns With A Purpose is Chefwear’s way to use its talents and successes to give back. Working with a charitable organization, our design team creates a garment that individualsupporters would be delighted to show off to their friends, family and business partners. A portion of the proceeds from all sales of Chefwear’s Patterns With a Purpose goes directly back to that organization’s cause. We develop every piece of this beautifully crafted chef apparel to help make a difference and give back to our community.


Veggie U

Our Veggies print benefits Veggie U and its program inspired by farmers, chefs and educators to teach the importance of nutrition by providing interactive lesson plans to elementary school and special needs students. Since 2003, Veggie U has delivered 4700 classroom garden kits in 31 states. Over 117,000 children have participated in the program.

Veggies comes in our Ultimate and Baggy Chef Pants, Classic Bib Apron and Pint Size Duds.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Chefwear’s pink trio support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BCRF provides funding to the research and prevention of breast cancer. BCRF gives you multiple outlets to contribute to the cause such as: providing a monetary gift, hosting a community fundraiser and shopping on the official website.

Black/Pink Chalkstripe and Black/Pink Houndstoothare available in chef pants and Pink Houndstooth is available in Classic Bib Aprons, chef pants and Pint Size Duds.


Breast Cancer Awareness

Chefwear’s pink trio support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BCRF provides funding to the research and prevention of breast cancer. BCRF gives you multiple outlets to contribute to the cause such as: providing a monetary gift, hosting a community fundraiser and shopping on the official website.

Black/Pink Chalkstripe and Black/Pink Houndstoothare available in chef pants and Pink Houndstooth is available in Classic Bib Aprons, chef pants and Pint Size Duds.


Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Our Lemons print benefits Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that raises money for childhood cancer with a special focus on research for new treatments and to help find a cure. ALSF encourages and empowers everyone from individuals to large corporations and universities to run lemonade stands to help make a difference.

This print is available in our Classic Bib Apron, Women’s Low Rise Chef Pants, Ultimate Chef Pants and Baggy Chef Pants as well as our Pint Size Duds.


Chef Patrick Clark

Chefwear’s Tribal Spirit pattern was created after the passing of Chef Patrick Clark due to a rare blood disease in 1998 at the age of 42. Tribal Spirit was one of the first in this collection and supports a trust established in Clark’s name.

Tribal Spirit is available in both chef hats and chef pants.

Product Donation Requests

If you would like to request a product donation please submit your request via email to Chefwear Donation Request One result of our ongoing support of these causes is that we receive many more requests than we can fund. However, we believe we can make a much bigger difference by focusing on the fight against hunger and the importance of education in food.

Patterns That Stand The Test Of Time


When Chefwear issued its first catalog in 1993, more than 15 patterns were available for chefs to choose from. Now, with close to 60 patterns in stock, some have withstood the test of time and still remain part of the Chefwear line today. These iconic patterns have a memorable back story to their creation and continue to please customers to this day.


Aqua Sea Life

The Aqua Sea Life pattern was created in 1991 specifically for, the now closed, George Morrone’s Aqua Restaurant located in San Francisco, CA. Aqua Restaurant’s logo is based off the Sealife Mosaic found in The House of the Faun in Pompeii, Italy. The House of The Faun was a private residence that took up an entire city block and was the home to multiple pieces of beautiful art work. The House of The Faun was ultimately destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Amazingly, the multiple mosaics that covered the floors remained intact including the Sealife Mosaic (1).

The pattern still remains in the Chefwear line 22 years later and is available in our Ultimate Chef Pant and Baggy Chef Pant.


Black Chile Pepper

In 1993, Chefwear founder Rochelle Huppin sat down with celebrity chef Mark Miller to develop a pattern based off his The Great Chile Poster. Miller, a true innovator in regional cuisines and international flavors, used his knowledge of Cultural Anthropology as well as a passion for exotic flavors to become one of the most influential American chefs. Miller has successfully opened restaurants in the United States, Japan and Australia (2).

The original chile peppers pattern came with a white and a black background as well as much larger chiles. Eventually, Chefwear made the chiles the size you see now and focused solely on the black background for all of its current styles.



Tribal Spirit

Chefwear’s Tribal Spirit pattern was created in 2000 after the passing of Chef Patrick Clark due to a rare blood disease in 1998 at the age of 42. Tribal Spirit was one of the first in our famous Patterns With A Purpose collection. Clark began his career leading a generation of Americans back to the idea of regional American cooking after making an earlier living specializing in sophisticated French cuisine. He was one of the first celebrity chefs on the scene in the early 1980s and has since been recognized for his contributions to the culinary arts (3).

Chefwear has continued to support a trust established in Clark’s name for more than 10 years and offers the Tribal spirit pattern in both chef hats and chef pants.


1. Hirst,Kris,K.(n.d.). “House of Faun at Pompeii.”

2. “Presenters: Mark Miller.” Retrieved 19, Feb. 2013

3. Asimov, Eric. (13, Feb., 1998). “Patrick Clark, 42, Is Dead: Innovator of American Cuisine.” Retrieved 19, Feb. 2013

The Only Chef-Owned Culinary Apparel Company

Chefwear intimately understands the needs of chefs, because our founder is a chef. We value the insight that can only come from being professionally trained and working in chef apparel. This knowledge allows us to create clothing with the working chef in mind just as if we are wearing it in a kitchen ourselves.

Chefwear founder Rochelle Huppin, while attending the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in the mid-80s, observed that there were no uniforms made specifically for women. Furthermore, there were no uniforms that were comfortable, stylish and kitchen-functional.

This experience inspired Huppin to create her first pair of chef pants out of ,100-percent cotton fabric. These pants gave her more freedom of movement and provided a soft, light, airy feel ,compared to the standard issued 100-percent polyester pants.

After graduating from the CIA in 1987, Huppin wore her pants in professional kitchens and found they held up very well to the grueling work schedule. She would go many months without a day off, yet still felt comfortable in her pants at the end of the day.

As it turned out, Huppin was not the only chef who needed comfortable, stylish pants. While at a “Meals on Wheels” event in Los Angeles, Huppin gave her new pants to the likes of Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck and immediately received positive feedback. From this moment, Chefwear was born.


Huppin’s professional kitchen experience provided the perfect foundation for Chefwear. The same way a chef is selective about ingredients, Huppin went to extreme lengths to select fabrics and construct apparel. By wearing her pants at work, she was able to fine-tune them to become a beloved innovation embraced by chefs everywhere.

Now, Chefwear is the only chef-owned culinary apparel company on the market, and we continue to remain close to chefs by working in kitchens to make styles they want to wear. Huppin regularly participates in cooking events all over the country, which gives her a new perspective on the latest trends.

Chefwear values the insights that can only come from being professionally trained and actually working in our apparel and will always create clothing with the working chef in mind.

Recent Events:
10/11/12: Third Annual Children’s Bureau Celebrity Chefs Wine Tasting

Chefwear Revolutionized Chef Fashion – A Timeline of Innovation


Chefwear founder Rochelle Huppin reached a moment in her culinary career when she decided that the school issued, 100-percent polyester uniforms weren’t working for her. At that moment, she decided to create a pair of chef pants made out of 100-percent cotton that provided her with the comfort she was looking for. From there, a company was born, and now, Chefwear continues to use the personal experiences of not only Huppin but chefs from all over the industry to create new styles to meet their wants and needs.

The Baggy Chef Pants are the foundation on which Chefwear was built. These pants were designed with comfort, safety and fit in mind. Utilizing 100-percent cotton instead of polyester, these chef pants make a 16 hour shift a little easier. The wide elastic waistband, loose fit and tapered ankle completely revolutionized restaurant uniforms. As fashion trends evolved, the Baggy Chef Pant provided a rock solid base for future kitchen apparel design.

The two most iconic chef pant patterns were released in 1991. Black Chalkstripe [35] was designed with the help of Wolfgang Puck’s fashion sensibilities, whileEuropean Houndstooth [11] was designed as a nod to classic European styling. Both are known for their ability to hide stains in the kitchen or front of the house. The first catalog, also released in 1991, featured both patterns in the Baggy Chef Pant. Since then, Black Chalkstripe and European Houndstooth have been mainstays, and continuously rank in the top five best selling prints each year.

Perfect for your miniature chef, Pint Size Duds were introduced in 1992 and the mini line has remained a signature part of the Chefwear family ever since. Pint Size Duds are available in pants, aprons, hats, and jackets, all scaled down to fit your little future chef.

Chefwear decided to bring youth culture to the mainstream kitchen with Chef-R-Alls. Built for comfort, utility and durability, this unique chef style created an instant buzz. Chefs from all over the country fell in the love with the roomy fit that allowed for easy movement, and the extra large pockets to hold a wealth of tools. Chef-R-Alls were removed from the line in 2006, but die-hard followers get their fix with custom order availability.

Created with the Executive Chef in mind, this jacket provides a slim cut, traditional European design with a deep v-placket, inset breast pocket and rounded French cuffs. The fit of the Executive Chef Jacketbecame so popular that it has been used as the base for many other styles in our Premiere chef jacket line. The Executive Chef Jacket provides a classy, sophisticated touch for those chefs that participate in events outside of the kitchen.

After the successful launch of the Baggy Chef Pants, Chefwear introduced the Ultimate Chef Pants, which were slightly less baggy and not as tapered at the ankle for a more fashion-forward chef. The relaxed fit combined with a slightly more narrow 2″ waistband still provides the comfort, safety and fit that Chefwear is known for, but in a more modern silhouette. The Ultimate Chef Pant quickly rocketed to the top and has since remained our #1 best selling item.

Originally, Chefwear released an over-sized chef coat and knit pants for mothers-to-be in 1997. The jacket was redesigned over the years, and in 2008, a new version was released. The Maternity Chef Jacket is made out of a cotton/spandex fabric and features inverted box pleats, while being tailored at the shoulders and bust. This new and improved edition is available today.

The success of the Executive Jacket highlighted a need for a stylish chef jacket that fit well and could stand up to the rigors of the kitchen. The Traditional Chef Jacket was the perfect solution with a front and back yoke for freedom of movement, longer length for better coverage and an overall flattering fit. Made with heavyweight 100-percent cotton, this chef coat is still soft and breathable, but thick enough to protect from the elements of the kitchen and hold its shape, wash after wash.

The Cargo Chef Pants are constructed just like our best-selling Ultimate Chef Pants. Designed based off the ever-growing trend of cargo pants in American culture, these chef pants provided chefs with wider and deeper pockets that was extremely practical for the kitchen.


Chefwear was ahead of the curve in 2005 with our release of the first Women’s Low Rise Chef Pant seen in the industry. This elastic waist pant still provides ample coverage for bending and reaching, but offers a more contemporary rise and a straight leg cut. A standard front rise for unisex chef pants is 10″ – 13″ long for a size M. The Women’s Low Rise Chef Pant measures 8″ long and slightly below your natural waistline, giving you plenty of room to move around without fear of exposure in this more modern fit.

Very few patterns take the culinary industry by storm the way that Chefwear’s Black Pinstripe [50] did in 2006. Immediately upon its release, it skyrocketed into the top 5 best selling colors and has remained there ever since. Before it was available in many of the current products, Black Pinstripe was the most requested special order fabric our designers had ever seen. It’s soft, supple hand combined with the classic nature of the jet black background and woven light grey pinstripes make this pattern a perfect fit for any settings


The Eco-Friendly line was launched due to the growing awareness amongst chefs to become more environmentally conscious. The line features chef pants, chef jackets, chef aprons and kitchen headwear. Elements of the line were chosen specifically to give chefs an accessible alternative to mass produced kitchen apparel. The cotton is certified organic, dyed with earth-friendly vegetable based pigments, and finished without the use of harsh chemicals. Garments are locally made in small batches to reduce waste and the overall impact on the environment. Since its inception, Chefwear has added five new colors to the Eco-Friendly line.

Barwear by Chefwear was the first apparel line developed for bartenders with input from the USBG. This line was introduced to meet the growing demands of the Front of the House and the popularity of the bar chef. It provides sleek, clean and comfortable looks for those working behind the bar. The line features jackets, shirts, pants and aprons all designed with the daily challenges a bartender faces in mind. The popularity of this line has pushed it to expand to twice its original size in two short years.

Modern fit meets Chefwear comfort in our Women’sYoga Fusion Chef Pant made with super soft cotton jersey knit. We provide a new level of comfort to women in the kitchen that allows for easy movement, coverage, and breathability during long hours.

Chefwear Throwback – 20 Years of Catalogs, a Who’s Who of the Culinary World


Standing: George Morrone, David Lebovitz, Jonathan Waxman, Michael Mina, Steve Simmons, Arnold Rossman. Seated: Stacey Morrone, Deborah Sigler, Rochelle Huppin.

Since its inception in 1990, Chefwear has earned the support of some of the top chefs in the industry. With the first supporters amongst the likes of Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay, Chefwear began releasing catalogs featuring culinary moguls in 1993 and has since been showcasing the “who’s who” in the cooking world on the cover and within its pages. Starting with our first ever catalog, take a look back through time and see who has graced the covers and have become a special part of Chefwear’s history.



The first ever Chefwear catalog was introduced in 1993. It was eight pages long and featured some of Chefwear’s first supporters.



Cover features from left to right: Nancy Silverton, Mark Peel, Nobu Matsuhisa, Larry Forgione and Bradley Ogden

Chefwear placed leading chefs on the cover of the 1994 catalog, which featured the product that started it all-The Baggy Pants.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features (from left to right): Rick Bayless, Geno Bahena and Richard James

Chefwear introduced more comfortable fits, new styles, hot prints and new and improved pre-washed fabric in the 1996 catalog.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features (from left to right, top to bottom) Drew Nieporent, Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, Christophe Ithurritze, Fred Eric, and Francois Kwaku-Dongo

Chefwear focused on new designs, patterns, and fabrics for the 1997 release.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features (from left to right, top to bottom): Vicki Fan, Kazuto Matsusaka, Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, and the crew at Border Grill

In 1998, Chefwear expanded its collection to include more chef jackets with improved fade-resistant fabric as well as shoes and exclusive designer patterns.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features (from left to right): Raji Jallepalli, Jan Birnham, Todd English, and Heather Swain

Chefwear continued to grow over the years and by the 1999 catalog release, styles were displayed on 35 pages and ranged from pants and jackets to aprons, shoes and headwear.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Michael Romano


Cover features: Matthew Kenney and Jennifer Firestone

The new millennium brought Chefwear to restaurants in New York. This also marked the first year that more than one catalog was released over a 12-month period from the same city.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Frank Brigsten


Cover features: Anne Kearney


Cover features: Jerry Amato


Cover features: Susan Spicer


Cover features: Scott Barnes


Cover features: Frank Brigsten and Susan Spicer


Cover features: Jamie Shannon

Chefwear traveled to New Orleans for the first time in 2001. This series marked a decade of success and the start of new era for Chefwear, its catalog and clothing.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features : Todd Weisz,Oliver Saucy, and Michael Schwartz


Cover features: Oliver Saucy


Cover features : Allen Susser and Norman Van Aken


Cover features: Michelle Bernstein


Cover features: Michael Schwartz


Cover features (from left to right, top to bottom): Wolfgang Puck, Maida Heatter, Norman Van Aken, Todd Weisz, and Michelle Bernstein


Cover features (from left to right): Wolfgang Puck and Maida Heatter


Cover features (from left to right): Michelle Bernstein and Robbin Haas

Chefwear traveled to Miami, FL in 2002-2003 to capture not only the beautiful scenery, but some of the most culturally inspired restaurants. Chefwear dressed chefs from all facets of the industry from fresh seafood to Latin and Caribbean flare.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Francois Kwaku-Dongo


Cover features: Michael Kornick


Cover features: Gale Gand

2003c (2)

Cover features: Grant Achatz and staff


Cover features: Jennifer Newbury


Cover features: Douglas Rodriguez


Cover features: Scott Conant


Cover features: Paul Kahan


Cover features: Rick Tramonto and staff


Cover features: Women Chefs and Restaurateurs


Cover features: Douglas Rodriguez and staff

Chefwear conquered two of the most influential and largest cities, Chicago and New York, in 2003-2004. These two cities boast restaurants that thrive on diversity and excellence; So, Chefwear fit right in.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Robert Harstein


Cover features (from left to right, top to bottom): Hans Rockenwagner, Raphael Lunetta and Josiah Citrin, Ludovic Lefebvre, and Vicki Fan


Cover features: Wolfgang Puck


Cover features: David Lentz and Suzanne Goin


Cover features (from left to right): Greg Bernhardt, Lokelani Alabanza, Huy Nhuyen, Amy Knoll, Neal Fraser, and Sergio Gonzales


Cover features: Mirko Paderno


Cover features (from left to right): Govind Armstrong, Francisco Huerta and Andrew Kirschner


Cover features (from left to right): Sydney Hunter III, Jeremy Strubel, Ludovic Lefebvre, Koa Duncun and Kevin Meehan


Cover features: Vicki Fan and Kazuto Matsusaka


Cover features: Suzanne Tracht and Eduardo Lopez

Los Angeles welcomed Chefwear back with open arms in 2004-2005. The city was influential to Chefwear’s beginning and boasts high-end restaurants from some of the most famous chefs from all over the world.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Monica Pope and Andrea Lazar


Cover features : Taka Takizawa, Masa Naio, Tyson Cole, Heather Hawkins, and Mat Clouser


Cover features: David Bull


Cover features: Tim Keating and Robert Del Grande


Cover features: Joshua Hines and John Wolfe

Chefwear took on the Southwest when it traveled to Austin and Houston, TX in 2005 to explore the area that inspired Texas barbeque and beanless chili. The series features some of the area’s best chefs in Chefwear gear.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Gabriel Frasca


Cover features: Lydia Shire and Alex Pineda


Cover features :Brad Rainville, Meredith ,Todd English,Kareem Michael


Cover features: Ming Tsai


Cover features (from left to right): Maura Kilpatrick, Nookie, Wilton Osorno, and Ana Sortun

Chefwear made its way to the East coast to Boston, MA in 2005-2006. The trip featured restaurants that embraced the culture of New England cuisine made so famous thanks to the multiple ports up and down the coast and their fresh seafood.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Andrew Kirschner

In the spirit of Chefwear’s annual support of the South Beach Food & Wine Festival, Andrew Kirschner takes a dip in the ocean during the event while sporting a Chefwear uniform in 2006.



Cover features : Morgan Brownlow, Bryan Colombo, Gabriel Rucker, Travis Ingles, Marcos Lopez, Tommy Habetz, Jason Barwikowski, and Mika Parades


Cover features (from left to right): Thierry Rautureau, Chris Keff, Kathy Casey, Ethan Stowell, and Daisley Gordon


Cover features : Jason Wilson, Autumn Maddox, and Dan Gilmore


Cover features: Ethan Stowell

Chefwear landed in the Pacific Northwest in 2006. Chefs from restaurants in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA are featured sporting our extensive clothing line.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Marcus Samuelsson


Cover features: Tyler Florence


Cover features: Gale Gand


Cover features: Nancy Silverton


Cover features: Govind Armstrong

Chefwear took the opportunity to feature the chefs of the Macy’s Culinary Council on the covers during the 2006-2007 issues. The inside shows off chefs in our head-to-toe outfits from the Midwest, more specifically Cleveland and Columbus, OH.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features : Joe Riley, Jesse Perez, Gary Donlick, Richard Meyer, Greg Dears, Doug Turbush, Piero Premoli, and Jamie Adams


Cover features: Kevin Rathbun


Cover features (from left to right): Jeff Smedstad, Todd Annis, Micah Willix, Mark Alba, Dean Dupuis


Cover features: Clifford Harrison and Heather King

After a visit to the Midwest earlier in the year, Chefwear headed south to Atlanta, GA in 2007. Here, chefs with roots in southern home cooking donned clothes from our Chefwear line.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features : Derek Buchanan, Brittainy Terhost, Kimberly Schneider, Komaki Ueno and Ethan Howard


Cover features: David Gingrass and Bridget Baston


Cover features (from left to right): Hiro Sone, Lissa Doumani, Kris Schram, Kristina Duffy, Thomas Bowman, Yoshiko Murakami, John McConnell, Steven Joo, Ron Gentile, and Scott Jacobson


Cover features (from left to right): William Pilz, Sean Forsha, Elizabth Faulkner, and Yuko Fujii


Cover features: Charles Phan

Chefwear visited the west coast in 2007-2008 to capture chefs from restaurants in San Francisco, CA then headed 47 miles north to Napa Valley CA. Chefs from across the area were featured surrounded by beautiful vineyards and gardens.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Anna Bautista


Cover features: Curtis Aikens


Cover features: Erasto Jacinto


Cover features: Michael Chiarello


Cover features: Matt Bennett and Jeff Starr

Chefwear headed 47 miles north of San Francisco to Napa Valley, CA in 2008. Chefs from across the area were featured surrounded by beautiful vineyards and gardens.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Heather Chittum


Cover features: Eric Ziebold


Cover features: Lou Fleming


Cover features: Michel Richard


Cover features: Jose Andres

Chefwear took to the nation’s capital in 2008-2009. The trip featured leading chefs from restaurants all over Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features : Katie Gulla, Donald Drake, Donald Barickman and Kelly Franz


Cover features: Bob Waggoner


Cover features: Frank Lee and the culinary staff from Slightly North of Broad, High Cotton, Old Village Post House and Charleston Cooks


Cover features: Sean Brock and the culinary staff from McCrady’s


Cover features (from left to right): Ryley McGillis, Robert Wysong, and Nathan Thurston

Chefwear traveled to the beachfront town of Charleston, SC in 2009. The shoot put the South’s culture front and center by capturing area chefs standing next to beautiful architecture or cooking southern comfort food.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Lisa Bailey and Keegan Gerhand


Cover features: Tyler Wiard


Cover features: Lachlan-Patterson and staff from Frasca Food and Wine


Cover features: Mark Dym


Cover features: Hosea Rosenberg and Jamey Fader

Chefwear took to the mountains and the beautiful cities of Denver and Boulder, CO in 2009-2010. Chefwear brought in chefs that are synonymous with clean flavors in both food and wine while featuring many items from our vast collection.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Greg Silver, Dan Rossi and Billie Chen


Cover features: Sam DeMarco


Cover features: Vincent Chiyuto and Dana Tuohy


Cover features: Mike Minor


Cover features: Jason Damato and the culinary staff from House of Blues

Chefwear made its way to Sin City for the 2010 editions of our prestigious catalog. Chefwear worked with amazing chefs from all over the city that never sleeps.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Martin Hamann


Cover features: Walter Staib


Cover features: Jennifer Carroll


Cover features: Ralph Fernandez


Cover features: Amanda Rafalski

The hometown of our forefathers, Philadelphia, PA, welcomed Chefwear with open arms in 2010-2011. Chefwear captured the old tavern feel of our country’s history.

Restaurants Featured:


Cover features: John Besh


Cover features: Susan Spicer


Cover features: Tyler Kean, Mike Wallace, and Panini Pete


Cover features: Tory McPhail


Cover features: Leah Chase

Chefwear traveled to New Orleans for the second time in 2011. Here, Chefwear embraced the area and dressed participating chefs in a variety of items from our fashion forward collections.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Russell Klein and Lenny Russo


Cover features: Zoe Francois and Steven Joel Brown


Cover features: Jay Sparks, Tim McKee, and Todd Bolton


Cover features: Andrew Zimmer


Cover features: Lucia Watson

The 2011-2012 editions brought Chefwear to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. This northern state empowers the use of local product thanks to its vast wilderness as well as its abundance of fresh water lakes.

Restaurants Featured:



Cover features: Kent Rathbun


Cover features: Tre Wilcox and Jermaine Brown


Cover features: Paula Lambert

Chefwear headed to the Southwest with its visit to Dallas, TX in 2012. The Lonestar State boasts strong flavors and charismatic chefs that modeled the Chefwear line with enthusiasm.

Restaurants Featured:

Chefwear’s Original Fan Club

Mesa Grill

Mesa Grill, New York. April, 1994. Chefwear Magazine photo shoot. (From left to right) Jonathon Waxman, Anne Rosenzweig, Bobby Flay, Sarabeth Levine, David Burke, Stephanie Pietromonaco, Richard Pietromonaco. Photo by Rochelle Huppin.

Rochelle Huppin designed her original Baggy pants because she wanted to wear something comfortable and fashionable to work every day, not because she wanted to revolutionize the culinary apparel industry. But within a year of their introduction, Rochelle’s custom 100% cotton elastic waist pants would take the kitchen by storm. And if it weren’t for one fund raising event and a few amazing chefs, we might still be wearing the stiff 100% polyester belted pants from the days of old.

While working as a pastry chef for Wolfgang Puck at Spago, Rochelle wore her custom chef pants proudly. Coworkers instantly noticed the vastly different fit and fabric that set her pants apart from others. They began asking about the Baggy pants; “How do they feel?” “How do they hold up?” and most importantly, “How can I get a pair?”

During a 1990 Wolfgang Puck Meals on Wheels event, Rochelle gave Chef Puck, and a few other highly respected chefs (Waxman, Valiani, Denton, Flay) a pair of the Baggy chef pants. The original Baggy pants made such a huge impression that they asked for more. These chefs are still some of Chefwear’s biggest fans.

Wolfgang Puck has been a huge supporter of Chefwear. He has been featured on three Chefwear Magazine covers; Spring 2002, Holiday 2002, and June 2004. Wolfgang’s Postsrio Las Vegas also hosted Chefwear’s 20th anniversary celebration on January 24th, 2010.

Shortly after the Meals on Wheels event, Chef Jonathon Waxman opened Table 29 in Napa. With his new restaurant, he wanted a new uniform and called on Rochelle to design Chefwear’s first custom printed fabric (Red and White Houndstooth). In 1993, he appeared on the cover of one of the earliest Chefwear Magazines. Since then, he has been one of the company’s most devoted clients, making TV appearances and outfitting all of his restaurants in Chefwear.

Superstar chef Bobby Flay also received a custom made pair of Baggy pants at the Meals on Wheels event. As Chef Flay’s career blossomed, so did Chefwear. In April of 1994, Flay’s Mesa Grill in New York hosted a Chefwear Magazine photo shoot.

Chefs Marc Valiani and Jody Denton seemed to always come as a pair. Their careers running parallel, Marc and Jody both worked under Chef Dean Ferring, Wolfgang at Spago, and then together again as partners at Restaurant LuLu in San Francisco. At each stop they wore Chefwear. Both chefs have also been featured in some of the earliest 1991-1993 Chefwear Magazines. When Chef Marc Valiani passed away in 2011, Chefwear donated a portion of the profits from one of our most popular prints, Black and White Houndsooth, to benefit “Project A.L.S.”

After the Meals on Wheels event, word started spreading about Rochelle’s Baggy chef pants. A Los Angeles Times article in June, 1991 prompted over 150 phone calls in 3 days. Joaquim Splichal and Michael Mina were among the first to request the Baggy pants. Chef Splichal’s first order was for 100 pants as holiday gifts to his kitchen staff at Patina. Chef Mina tasked Rochelle with creating a custom print (Aqua Sea Life) for his new restaurant Aqua. He also offered up Aqua for the first on-location Chefwear Magazine shoot and he was featured on the cover in 1993.

Rochelle found that she was not alone in her desire to be comfortable in the kitchen. Her coworkers, mentors and fellow chefs all helped to shape Chefwear into the leading brand in culinary apparel today. And that tradition continues as Chefwear develops new, innovative products to make chefs look, feel and cook their best.